Welcome to Royal Enfield Club: Pune

... still waiting for the Dream Bike..? Come on...! Let the boys play with their toys.. Be a Man and get your Bullet today!

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Bapu said...

I have a bullet of Sept 1972 I have travelled all over India on my lovely Bullet. I would love to join the club. Can a man of 72 Ex University teacher with 100% silver hair on head sit with you?
But I am so fit I can travel 300kms a day. Though I have done more than 600,000 km Never breaths taking speed.
I am a tea-totaler :
D S Deshpande 020-24230815,
020-24224337. Meghasparsha Bibwewadi, Pune 37

Pune Bulls said...

Welcome to Our Club. There is no restriction of age for joining the group. We request you to send the details as mentioned on this page:


.. We have not started the journey/ traveling yet but just in process of club formation.

Dhananjay said...

Hi All

I have never drove bullet but like to buy one.

I am planning to by a Thunderbird.

How good is it ? (I have a Hero Honda Ambition)

EasyRider said...

HI ..

I have 2004 thunderbird and have taken few trips around pune and in karnataka ..
I would love to join ur gang, and probably plan a trip together

Keep me posted


Anonymous said...


I have a bullet 350 1996 model.Can anyone suggest how to improve the pickup of my bike.It feels like the power of bullet is missing.Will going for the 4 cluch plates as is the case with new bullet models(mine has 3) serve the purpose.

Thanks in advance,

Arun said...

Hi I am Arun,
I am having my grandfather's 1969 model enfield.
From last 25 years it was not in use. But this sunday I have given it for repair in jaipur. Can any one give me some tips about "What are the things I need to take care while repairing it.

Yogesh Jagam said...

I have booked a Thunderbird scheduled delivery is next week probably I want to know more about the club..!!!
Awaiting response....

Neeraj Athalye said...

When / where does the pune bullet club meet .

Neeraj Athalye said...

Hello Gents - When and where does the club meet in pune ??

Santosh said...

Hey all,

One of my friend from Germany suggested me about Rewitec Nanocoating technology for my Bullet.

I used Rewitec Nanocoating in my 1997 Bullet Machismo A350 which gave me lot of improvement w.r.t. smooth engine, swift gear changing.

For more details mail to: amit@thebanyantree.co.in

Cell: +91 9371107635

vaibhav sahni said...

i bought a 535 lightning as a second hand some 8 month ago wanted to join such kinda club bt was un able coz didn't knew much reguarding the same ......
bt nw i'm eager to b a member of such clubs ............
awating a positive response.............. vaibhavasahni17@gmail.com

Johny said...

Hi im Vinod.
im looking for a 2nd hand Thunderbird in good condtion.
Please contact me ASAP @ 9923233270 .

Anonymous said...

i am looking to buy a Machismo or a thunderbird in Pune(Maharashtra ), 2006 or after. Please contact Jetender 9823212218 or mail at jetender.ghuman@gmail.com

VT said...

I bought Royal Enfield Lightning 535 cc model 2000 on my 50th birthday this year. It is an amazing machine. Would surely love to know more about this club activities. I am an Architect, A Rotarian, Faculty in Architecture college, have passion for animals, looking forward to make friends altogether in new field. So would like to join the club activities.

GD said...

Hi All,

I have Bullet 350 (1972),
I want to join this group, but before that I want to get it repaired by any reliable and expert mechanic.
Can any one suggest me any mechanic in Pune?
Currently my bullet is in MP, I want to bring it to Pune next month.

Deepak said...

Hi i am deepak ohri i am having 350 standard I came from Ambala but still i m in pune i want to join the royal club.
How can i join

vinayak said...

yes i want second hand bullet if any instrested pl.call me 9822211421

Kiran Karnad said...

Hi All,

There seem to be too many questions here, unanswered! I am Kiran, and am in Pune for the last 7 months or so. I am an avid traveller and have been on many rides ranging from one-day to a few-weeks kinds. I would like to join the club using the form http://punebulls.blogspot.com/search/label/members but before that all I want to know is whether this club is active in riding or only on blogging? If former, count me in please

I had been for an event which was organized jointly by Sidd (Eicher Motors CEO) and Ram Gopal Verma (promo of Road). This was one splendid event and lasted for about 10 days! Every day we rode, went to various towns and villages and had a lot of food and booze (and Ciggies of course)... This is something which I am planning to relive and wouldn't mind taking the initiative if we have more people joining in. So, do let me know your thoughts and we can take it from there!
Ride in peace, Kiran

mohammed aamir said...

dis is mahammed aamir just a bigner with enfield and very adventurous i had adream to join some bullet group since i was a school kid .
wanna join enfield group pune plzzz help me out with da prcedure n how i can be a part of mah dream cum enfield group.

sushil said...

Sushil Nigade Deshmukh

I sold the bullet electra last 9 manths and i have jone the royal enfield group club pune
plz replay me on my email
sushilnigade@yahoo.co.in or

Christian Huber said...


I am looking to buy a vintage Royal Enfield. Any idea where i can start looking for one?

Jitendra said...


This is Jitendra

I had newly took a Royal Enfield Electra.I Would like to jion the Cluband Plz sugesset me how to jion the club.
watting for your reply.......

http://www.techmaestros.com/ said...

Am a Proud Owner of My New Classic Reborn Edition Classic 350 !!! Feeling like a Great Daddy !!! I would like to know how I can Join a Royal Enfield Group in Pune??? IS there any place to meet up and long rides/ day trips etc ??

Drop me a line vikascnkpune@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

thats like a mirrorimage.. the silencer aint on the left..

Anonymous said...

Can anybody suggest the Good mechanic for Bullet Thunderbird in Kothrud, Pune

Dheeraj Singh said...

SALUTE To all Members of Royal Enffeld Bullet Club
I am Dheeraj Singh 28 male tall Healthy 09978993168 Dheeraj.Singh0003@gmail.com Workin with an MNC iN HR-Admin From Nainital Haldwani Uttrakhnd here to Join The club Bcoz It was my Dream To Purchase my own Royal Enffeld Bullet Wich i achived 4 years back I have Bullet Origenal Electra Silver 4 S 2007 - 2008
Wanna make Memorabale Trip with Royal People Lion Hearts
Help me to join club

Dheeraj Singh

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Sunny from Patiala (PUNJAB)i have a Bullet 350 (1987 Model) I want to join your club

Please contact me at 9417824931

Anonymous said...

I just bought new Electra 350 and i want to join club. How can i join the club.


salim said...

hi i am salim 57 passion for outdoor adventure own new cl 350 and 2004 electra enjoy riding long distance planning oct or nov can join me n more call 9823249181


I have just bought a new thunderbird 350 and i want to join the club. I go on annual trips on bike to new destinations each year . Hoe can i join the club?
Please contact me on 9822532123
Or mail me at nareshahir2173@gmail.com

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