Callin all Enfield Lovers

Hey All

Well this is what life does to you someday…..on a Friday evening after loosing half ur CTC in the stock market and waiting for the day to get over so that you could start your weekend by getting sloshed...U go to the RE website to read some Number plates…..and then you post ur own ride…..and then you think and you say…..I wonder how many guys from Pune are here……and then some crazy ass does what I did go to all the profiles and get their Ids…..

I know it’s a wonderfull way to start a group now that all of us have each others Ids…..but lets just do a few rides first….Let Punietes on MG / FC Road find out that there are ppl here who love their monsters…..

I know some of you will appreciate this….and some of you may laugh and curse…so b4 you do that lemme tell you…. (its my official id so cant say much….I guess you get the message rite)…….for the guys who think this is a good idea…gimme a buzz we can do some rides this weekend to…I can co-ordinate between you guys….

Also…Im planning a ride on 1st n 2nd September to Dapoli and Mahableshwar……Hope you and your friends can make it….

Lemme know…

Rohit Mahajan
Tel - 020-66203762 I 9922 427467


Anonymous said...

hey guys m new here in pune i have a thunderbird which is need of a good machanic, i had a bad expeirience with a machanic whose workshop is in aundh named subodh, can u please sujjest me some 1 who work really good n is not a moneymaker or cheat... plzz help me with this problem..

Anonymous said...

IS there any other dealer in pune other than dhone auto -who sells royal enfield bikes?

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