Help: Electra or Thunderbird?

Hi All,
I am a software proffessional and I am planning to buy bullet shortly. I am specifically interested in the Electra model. Could you guys help me out whether Electra is better or Thunderbird and what would be the on road price of both in Pune. Also it would be better if you can suggest which particular dealer should I approach for buying the bike.

Thanx and Cheers!!
Ayusman Hota


Guru! said...

Hi Ayusman,
Thank you for choosing the Royal Enfield.

... well, Bullet Electra is equally good as Thunderbird, so its upto you to choose. Technically speaking they have some specifications. Go through the links below for more details.

Electra 5S =
Thunderbird =

Dealers are listed here =

Personally, I got my Electra from Dhone Automobiles, as they had an exchange offer [you may check now!]. They offered me good deal on my old Splendor Bike. Also they have Finance options.

You may find more tips from the Bulls ;)

Happy and Safe Riding!
Pune Bulls..

Anonymous said...


I am loking for new Royal enfield.
My choice is 350 standard. Please anyone can tell me which is the best showroom to buy the ney baby in Pune??


Anonymous said...

Is there anymore information you can give on this subject. It answers a lot of my questions but there is still more info I need. I will drop you an email if I can find it. Never mind I will just use the contact form. Hopefully you can help me further.

- Robson

Mike said...

frnd..if you want hassle free long riding bike go for thunderbird...

but, if you want a royal bullet look with classic thump go for electra

and also, it depends upon your choice :)

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