Want to buy Old bullet


I want to buy old Bullet 350cc in Pune.
My contact no is 9822445572

Mahesh P Bhirangi


Anonymous said...

I want to buy Goldstar Silencer for my bullet
please send me add if possible


Anonymous said...

I want to buy a bullet ....any model, any condition for not more than 12000/-
u can mail me on surajgill@indiatimes.com or call me on 9323350213, 9326561489

MANDAR said...

Want to buy bullet with or without modified.

Mandar - 9922448347

saleem said...

Want to Buy used Thunderbird 350cc.

Saleem - 09766744984

Romil Rose said...

Hi Friends,

I stay in Pune & I am looking to buy Enfield (any model).

If anyone interested in selling, then please contact me at:-


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I stay in Pune and i'm looking for a Enfield Electra, good condition, Black or army.

Any price, any model...

My contact: christophe@thinkdry.com

Biswadip said...

Hi all,
I am currently staying in Pune near Magarpatta City... I am looking for a vintage enfield bullet 350cc in running condition atleast.

My contact: biswadippaul@yahoo.co.in

cell# 9833776712

Sahil said...

Hi Friends,

I am staying in Pune & I am looking to buy old Enfield (Till 75 model, pune registered, Original condition prefrable).

If anyone interested in selling, then please contact me at:-


HIM said...

Hi Guys,

Please help me buying an old Enfield. I'm staying in Pune and have got bored of my car, so I need change and Enfield is first 'n' last option for me. Please give me a call if anyone has old Enfield but in good running condition @ 99606 35211

Rishy Singh said...

I am looking for a 350cc Model. If any one interested in selling their 350cc Bike then please do call me on 9923292918.
Rishy Singh

sathish said...


I work for one the MNC in Pune.I am looking for an used royal enfield elactra 5s or thunderbird (red or marron colour)or Bajaj Avenger (black). I would prefer a 2000 onward model. The bike should be in good condition.

My contact no: 9850977793

Sathish B S

Vikas said...


This is VikaS, I want to buy electra so if somebody selling ,contact me on 9503057448 OR vikas_jai@yahoo.co.in, I stay on sinhgad Road,Pune

HIM said...

Guys, I got a deal for RE 350 1984 model and the guy has done a whole engine work as well as all polish nickle work in that bike. Because of some personal reasons he wants to sell it, would you suggest me buy that bike in ~50 K? That's an old model so should be heavy & more durable. Guys, please suggest. Thanks in advance!

kk said...

Hey This is KK. Am looking to buy a used bullet. preferably 2000+ model thunderbird.

please call me at 9923600380 or email me at kkzimbra[at]gmail[dot]com

Jitin said...

Hi All,

I want to sell my Bullet electra 5s.....In very good condition ..........2006 model.........

Please contact me on 9689918556


aman said...

please let me know anybody willing to sell bullet preferably standard/electra in pune
please contact me @9766629519
or mail me at ng_amandee@yahoo.co.in

aman said...

Hi Jitin,
please let me know the price and colour of the bike
contact me @9766629519/ng_amandeep@yahoo.co.in

deepak said...

Hi guys,

Please let me know if there is Standard bullet ,does not matter how old it is ..engine should be good and price should be between 35-40k

Anonymous said...

hi this is kiran,,,
looking for a standard model should be running condition.

plaese contact - 9850844516.

Prabhdeep said...

I WANA BUY 500 CC - CALL ME 9890958645

anup said...

hello guys , i stay in pune, I want to buy a old bullet ....any model,
my contact number is 09850009255 or you can mail me at anup.sonwal@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hey i want used thunderbird twinspark (mostly black colour)in pune
contact me

Anonymous said...



CONTACT NO : 9730250414

gurmitsingh said...

ive got a 1972 bullet now for sale ......by next two weeks i will have low budget bullets for sale 1981 single owner ,1978,1968, if intrested call 09552933012 gurmit singh gurmitdhinjal@gmail.com

Pradeep said...

Hi all,
I am currently staying in Pune (hadapsar)... I am looking for a enfield bullet 350cc in running condition 20000 to 30000
if any one intrested pl mail me ur22pradeep@gmail.com

Pradeep said...

Hi all,
I am currently staying in Pune near (hadapsar)... I am looking for a enfield bullet 350cc (right side gear) in running condition for 20000 to 30000 rupees
if interested please mail me

Anonymous said...

my name is pradeep and i want bullet with right side gear box
15000 to 25000 Rs.
if any one interested mail me ur22pradeep@gmail.com 9823221831 call me

Martin John said...

I want to buy old Bullet Old model

prakhyat sapkale said...

i want to but a classic 350 of 2009-10 or 11 model or a thunderbird

Anonymous said...

I want to buy an old bullet
Ph: 9209714787

Mohcin Shaikh said...

I want second hand alloy wheels for my bullet std350 plz let me know urgent 2spoke or 3spoke contact 8237152238 in pune

Anonymous said...

want bullet 350 standard model after 1997 in 30,000/- - I have seen various ad's online where people are quoting any figures which is absolutely of no use. as I am already having the same bike which i got from showroom in 1997, the cost at that time was 57000/- and on road it came to 60,000/-rs . so according to depreciation the actual cost for it should be between 15000 to 25000/-rs today that too the bike should be in good condition and all papers clear with NOC.
so if anyone genuine seller is interested then plz contact on kapilnabar@yahoo.com

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